PRESS RELEASE (June 2012)BLACK FOLK DON’T Satirical Web Series Launches Season 2 in New Orleans For press inquiries, contact “Spinning the Web” [Jet Magazine ~ 2012]

Introducing: Black Folk Don’t [Turnstyle ~ June 5, 2012]

“Angela Tucker set out to actually query people — black people, in particular — about popular notions of what is and isn’t a ‘black thing,’ and whether those stereotypes ring true in their own lives. The result is her ingenious web series, ‘Black Folk Don’t.’ Besides applying the question ‘Are there things that black folk(…)

Black Irony [TIME Magazine ~ March 12, 2012]

“I see black irony in the web series, Black Folk Don’t by filmmaker Angela Tucker, which questions the notion of black normative behavior and comes to the conclusion that black folk don’t agree on what blacks do and don’t do.” ~Toure Read the full story at TIME Magazine.

Black Folk Don’t… [SBS Documentary ~ February 21, 2012]

“Black Folk Don’t, a project I came across at the recent Media That Matters conference in Washington DC, is a fabulous use of the webisode form. It drags into the spotlight a range of stereotypes suggesting that black people ‘don’t do’ certain things…” Read the rest at SBS.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like [The Atlanta Post ~ August 17, 2011]

“All through high school and pretty much through college, I worked as a waitress.  In fact, my very first on-the-books job was as a waitress at Friendly’s – you know, the place that makes those SuperMelt sandwiches and ice cream sundaes.  Anyway, my first few weeks of work was spent as a waitress-in-training, which meant(…)