Ep 4

Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick (Season 1, Episode 4)

End Credits: “Women Revolution Tennis Shoes” Courtesy of Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick Skipp Coon (Joecephus Martin) His words embody those of one that is defnitely a by-product of his environment. His lines are witty & dark, sincere yet powerful and his message is thought-provoking and socially conscious, all of which complement his political, societal,(…)

Jason “ClassicBeatz” Minnis (Opening Theme, Season 1 and 2)

Opening Theme: “Neo Beat” Courtesy of Jason “Classic Beatz” Minis Jason “ClassicBeatz” Minnis is a producer,pianist,songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. He is the leading member of the instrumental duo Nicholas Kopernicus who released their critically acclaimed album Audiocentric in August 2009. He is also a member of the Smash Brothers hip hop duo (along with(…)