Angela Tucker, Director/Producer

Angela Tucker is a writer, director and producer. Her directorial work includes (A)sexual, a feature length documentary about people who experience no sexual attraction available on iTunes and VOD this summer and Black Folk Don’t … a satirical, documentary web series in its second season featured in Time Magazine’s “10 Ideas That Are Changing Your(…)

Michelle Chang, Editor

Michelle was the Editor on the documentary film, (A)sexual. She was the Co-Editor on the documentary films Camp Victory, Afghanistan, and an associate editor on Pushing the Elephant.  She has assisted on a variety of doc films including Who Does She Think She Is?, The Nine Lives of Marion Barry (HBO), and If God is(…)

Eliana Alvarez Martinez, Director of Photography

Eliana Alvarez Martinez started making short films at the age of sixteen, and had already begun working as a Cinematographer in the television industry in Spain before she graduated with her degree in Image and Sound at twenty-one.  She continued to distinguish herself in the Spanish industry for six years before deciding to make the(…)

William Sabourin – Director of Photography (Season 2)

After graduating from the University of Havana College of Engineering, William found his way to the US in 1999. Later that same year he picked up a camera for the first time, looked through the lens and found his calling. Ever since, he has been driven by passion, creativity, hard work, devotion and discipline to(…)

Lauren Domino – Field Producer (Season 2)

Raised in the wilds of Eastern New Orleans, Lauren was a feral child until the age of three. After four years of rehabilitation and a brief appearance on Oprah, she set out to find the world’s best foster parents. This experience was documented in the major motion picture North starring Elijah Wood. Her time spent(…)

Shira Golding Evergreen, Animation/Title Design

Shira Golding is a queer vegan artist and community organizer living in Ithaca, NY. She makes movies and music, writes articles, organizes events, teaches, and designs materials for nonprofits, activist groups, artists, and filmmakers who share her vision of social and environmental justice. She runs Shirari Industries with her partner Ari Evergreen, she co-founded Share(…)

About Black Folk Don’t

A good number of Black people have heard it in some colloquial way. “Black folk don’t …” add your own phrase. Who defines this? That is complicated and complex but worth an attempt at an explanation. In some cases, “Black folks don’t” is a statistical fact. Black folk don’t go to the doctor in the(…)

Marco Vitale, Assistant Camera (Season 1)

Marco Vitale, was born in Naples, Italy. He started to make short movies when he was 18 years old and graduated at University of Roma 3 in Direction for cinema and tv. His documentary “La Torre de Papel” played in several film festivals like the Arcipelago International Festival in Rome and “My self” at the(…)

Danielle Beeber, Production Manager/Associate Producer (Season 1)

Born and raised in NYC, Danielle is a writer and producer. She received her MFA with honors from Columbia University in Screenwriting, There she was awarded various screenwriting awards and scholarships including a full first year writing scholarship, a teaching fellowship, and the Zaki Gordan grant for screenwriting. Ms Beeber went on to be a(…)

Shawn Peters, Director of Photography (Season 1)

Shawn Peters is a Photographer, Content Producer and Media Futurist who lives in who lives in Brooklyn, NY. As a Director of Photographer he has worked on several short films, feature length documentaries, music videos and commercials. http://vimeo.com/shawnpeters

Series Credits

Season 2 Director/Producer Angela Tucker Editor Michelle Chang Camera Eliana Alvarez Martinez William Sabourin Additional Camera Samantha Stark Titles and Animation Shirari Industries Field Producer Lauren Domino Production Assistants/Sound Meredith Parkier Lizzie Ford-Madrid In Association With Arts Engine Inc. Executive Producer Jacquie Jones Director of Digital Media Nonso Christian Ugbode VP Operations & Director of(…)