Meet Lauren!

What’s your name?
L. J. Domino

Where are you from?
New Orleans

What do you do for a living?
Film Programmer / Event Manager

How did we rope you into be a part of Black Folk Don’t?
That Tucker Gurl is a friend.

What are some things that Black Folk Do that surprise most people?

Lately I’ve been getting a surprised reaction when people find out I’m a black Catholic. I thought this was a common place thing but people have reacted like I’ve said I’m a black Republican.

After you left the interview, was there anything you wish you had said? Not said?
I wished I didn’t say most of the things I said, my grandma will watch this!

The moment you realized you were Black.

I don’t think I had to quote Oprah an ‘Aha moment” with my blackness.

One stereotype about Black people that frustrates you.
This is a stereotype that mostly comes from the black community, because of the way I speak I’ve been told constantly I’m trying to be white. It’s frustrating, annoying and sad.

Here’s your chance to blatantly promote yourself or something you care about.

I’m the Program Manager for Media That Matters™, our eleventh collection of short films launches on October 27 in New York. Visit our website for more details.