Meet Crystal!

Crystal on set

 Crystal “DJ Crystal Clear” Durant

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania – and lived in Philly, Hollywood, California, and have been a New Yorker for 16 years!

What do you do for a living?

I am a Graphic Designer/Art Educator/DJ/Singer/Screen Printer, and much more than meets the eye!

How did we rope you into be a part of Black Folk Don’t?

I responded to a VERY INTERESTING Craigslist post while looking for a new Visual Art Teaching job. Angela is a fabulous person, and I knew that while talking to her, I wanted in!

What are some things that Black Folk Do that surprise most people?

That Black Folk ACTUALLY DO?  Hmmm.  I usually get lots of weird stares when I tell people that I was a lifeguard and swimming instructor once.  Probably because they know how Black Women are about their hair – but I did that in High School when it wasn’t a big deal.

Little Crystal and her family

I won’t know that until I see the entire series, but I have very few regrets in life.

The moment you realized you were Black.

I grew up in an all white area of Allentown in the late 60′s, early 70′s.  So probably when we were getting bomb threats and crosses burned on our lawn, or when the township wouldn’t let us get water – pretty much since birth! 

One stereotype about Black people that frustrates you/

That just about all Black women have multiple kids by multiple men.  Mostly because I’m in my 40′s, never married, and single – so when I go out with Black men (which isn’t often) THAT’S usually the FIRST question I’m asked.  AND BECAUSE I DON’T have any kids, they look at me like I’m crazy!  Ain’t THAT some shit?

As an Arts Educator for the past 15 years, and having experienced the horrors of NYC public education that just about killed me, I’m on a mission to ring a loud bell and wake people up to the fact that our society is DOOMED and will continue to be that way until people REALLY START CARING ABOUT PUBLIC EDUCATION and STOP BLAMING TEACHERS for how bad it is.  I dare you to come and do what I do and not change your thinking. 

Here’s your chance to blatantly promote yourself or something you care about. 

I’m a Pop Culture Demolition Specialist at the website FORCES OF GEEK where I have a biweekly blog called The DuRANT.  I’ve been blasting on Movies, TV, Film, Fashion, you name it for a few years now.  Check me out and feel free to leave comments on my RANTS!

If you need a KICK-ASS DJ or singer, give me a shout at!