Lauren Domino – Field Producer (Season 2)

Raised in the wilds of Eastern New Orleans, Lauren was a feral child until the age of three. After four years of rehabilitation and a brief appearance on Oprah, she set out to find the world’s best foster parents. This experience was documented in the major motion picture North starring Elijah Wood. Her time spent on set with Elijah motivated her to pursue a career in film. She has an extensive background in film programming and festival management. Previously serving as the Program Manager for Media That Matters™ and the Event & Sponsorship Coordinator of the New Orleans Film Society. She is currently an Associate Producer on NOISE RUNS. An art hobbiest and writer Lauren’s work has been featured at the Voodoo Music Experience and in the online magazine Invade NOLA. She continues to use her vivid imagination daily, in the intro to this bio as well as on her untitled screenplay.